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As humans, we all have a special ability that is unique to our species: an inner voice. It helps us focus, achieve our goals and reflect on life’s most joyful moments. But it can also be our biggest enemy, chewing over painful emotions and replaying embarrassments, hijacking our thoughts to run amok with ‘chatter’. How does this source of wisdom turn into our biggest critic? And how can we take back control?

These are the questions one of the world’s leading experts on the conscious mind set out to answer twenty years ago, when he started on an audacious mission ― to study the conversations we have with ourselves. In this hugely anticipated book, that expert, the award-winning neuroscientist and psychologist Ethan Kross, reveals the sheer power of the inner voice, and shows us that we all possess a set of tools for harnessing it. Hidden in plain sight, they are in the words we use and the stories we tell ourselves, in the conversations we have with our loved ones and in the habits we undertake when tackling our goals. They are even sometimes in our bizarre rituals and lucky charms.

Fascinating, entertaining and full of original insights and tips, Chatter will change the conversations you have with yourself forever, and help you lead a happier, more productive life
  • ISBN : 9781785041969
  • Publisher : Vermilion
  • Published Date : Feb 01 2022
  • Number of Pages : 272 Pages

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